Gmail experimenting promotional messages as image cards


Google is probably testing a new way to force you see promotional emails. The company already places such messages in a separate tab named ‘Promotions.’ This separation was not welcomed with open hands by marketers as here there is a chance to select all the promotional messages and delete without even a second thought. Well to avoid this to happen, Google has brought in a new way to provide you a glance on the matter without even opening it. This means that the company is experimenting a feature which is visually more appealing and shows you promotional emails as cards with large images at the top and details of the deal or offer below. At a first glance, they don’t even look like emails.

Google will allow the marketers to choose which image and content to highlight. Additionally, in the new layout there there will be a button in the Promotions tab that lets you switch between the views at any time. Although we might not be happy to have the ads in our Inbox, but this new look will bring in some freshness. If you’d like to take part in Google’s experiment you can click on this link.

SOURCE: Gmail (Google+)Official Google Blog

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