Garmin’s new Fenix 7 gets a touchscreen and a flashlight


The new Garmin Fenix line is the one to go for who love adventure. The premium range of multi-sport GPS watches has come a long way over the last 10 years, and the new 7-series adds a few new features. Most notably, Fenix 7 line will now include touchscreens. It help, something of an odd omission thus far, but the great outdoors tends to mean gloves, sweat, motion and the elements. All of which can play havoc with a touchscreen. As such, it’ll be interesting to see how responsive it is under active conditions. Although other Garmin watches, like the Venu and vivoactive lines, have had touchscreens for a while so this isn’t a first for the company by any stretch, but a new addition to the Fenix line.

Another addition includes a new multi-LED flashlight. Handy for those camping trips or early morning/late night runs. Not only is it a general-purpose light, but it can also alternate between red and white as you run, matching your personal cadence, so traffic or cyclists can be alerted to your presence (and direction). As usual, the Fenix comes in three models/sizes: the 7S/7 and premium 7X which measure 42, 47 and 51 mm across respectively.

All have solar-charging options and Garmin claims the new casing includes a larger screen surface area which could see solar gains doubling over the Fenix 6 line. This potentially puts the total time between charges (without using GPS) at up to five weeks, which is pretty impressive for a smartwatch of this size.