Galaxy Note 9 has an official August 9 launch


The Galaxy Note 9 has an official launch date: Aug. 9, we can really dig into the rumors of how Samsung’s next big phone could wow us or disappoint. Let the real speculation can begin.

The Galaxy Note, which is designated by its trademark digital stylus, represents the culmination of Samsung’s technology for the year. The Note is usually the phone that Samsung saves its best technology for, in order to battle the iPhone and Pixels, and thrust in front of buyers when the holidays roll around.

Rumors are still a jumble at this point of time, will the Note 9 have an under screen fingerprint reader or won’t it?! but what is certain is that the Galaxy Note 9 will need to progress beyond the already excellent Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus if it’s going to.

The interesting rumor by far points straight at the Note’s signature detail, the thing that makes it different and more powerful than any Galaxy S phone: the S Pen stylus. One leaker claims that theNote 9’s S Pen is going to finally learn some skills that go beyond writing, drawing and navigation. He says it will allow us to take photo, control volume, switch photos etc. We have to wait till Aug 9 to see what all magic samsung will bring…


Source: Cnet