Flipkart’s AR-facilitated 3D-shopping experience launched

Scapic, a startup acquired by Flipkart is enabling AR experience to make online shopping easier


Flipkart had recently launched a 3D shopping feature that allows users to “try” their furniture before buying them online, in their home environment with the help of augmented reality. The team behind this new feature is Scapic, a Bengaluru-based startup. The feature allows users to view how the furniture will look in their home, without buying it.

Scapic was founded by Krishna and Ajay Poona Venkatesh in 2017. It offered WebXR-based solutions and was acquired by Flipkart last year. Now the startup works exclusively on Flipkart camera which is arguably the largest augmented reality platform in the e-commerce sector in India.

The new feature which is available on the Flipkart app will allow users to analyze the fit, form, and finish of the furniture they wish to buy. The “view in your room” option near the furniture piece in the app will make this possible. It will be done with the help of the user’s smartphone camera. The new feature will result in the number of returns as expected by the company.

As of now, the feature is limited to the furniture section. Flipkart plans to extend this feature to the make-up section in the coming months.

According to Krishna, co-founder of Scapic, possibilities are abundant in AR-related technology, but it is still at an experimental stage. Also, people are unaware of the methods which can link the physical and digital worlds. The camera on smartphones has immense potential to transform the shopping experience and Scapic is working towards more to achieve in this regard.