Fakespot, a review analyzer app, was removed from Apple’s Appstore

Amazon convinced Apple to remove Fakespot from its Appstore


Amazon reviews were analyzed to determine its credibility, with an app called Fakespot. Amazon has successfully convinced Apple to remove the app from their store, by raising concerns that the app leads to security issues. Amazon has reportedly filed a case for investigation against the review analyzer app. Fakespot, which was launched in June after redesigning, is said to “wrap” and inject certain codes into its website, as claimed by Amazon.

The process of “wrapping” is able to collect data regarding the customers’ credit card information and other related information, putting them at a high-security risk. The action to remove the app was taken after Amazon directly approached the app and got no response from its authorities. Amazon also claimed that the above-mentioned app provides misleading information to its customers thereby harming the sellers and retailers on its platform.

The founder and CEO of Fakespot has admitted to CNBC that they collect certain data from the customers but it doesn’t go to any third parties. It also denies Amazon’s claim that the app poses security issues to the customers on Amazon. They claimed that there is no evidence against them and Apple acted on its removal with no prior warning.