Facebook’s Messenger to get a lot more interesting with voice emojis

Messenger will now feature Soundmoji-talking emojis


Soundmoji, the latest launch from Facebook aims to make the chats in messenger more interesting. Soundmoji is an expression tool that allows emojis to talk or make a sound.

Emojis are now very popular in almost all messaging apps. Facebook set the bar higher by the talking emojis, something which its competitors have not thought about yet. Facebook CEO announced the development on his Facebook page where he described the effort of his design team. The team spent a whole day in an organic farm to collect live and original sound effects.

The available sound effects include clapping, drumrolls, crickets, evil laughter, and even audio clips from some TV shows and movies. The feature is available on Messenger in the chat and on selecting the loudspeaker from the smiley face option. The team has promised a full Soundmoji library which will be updated regularly.