Facebook Groups to have topic experts

Group Experts will ensure more authentic information is being shared on the platform


Facebook has introduced a new feature to Groups- Group Expert. A badge will be awarded to a group Expert other than group admins and moderators. The group expert is a way to make authoritative information more prominent in Facebook Groups.

The group admins can invite a member to be the group expert who will be able to conduct question-answer sessions and also live audio rooms. They will get a badge next to their name if they accept the admin’s invitation to become the group expert. This badge will be similar to the ones that admins and moderators currently have.

Anyways it won’t hand over any of the admin’s control of the group and additional features like extra visibility within the group are also not guaranteed. Facebook says that the feature will now be made available to only select groups. Admins can also find expert voices for their group. This is limited to groups related to fitness and gaming. Here, admins can search for people outside their group and invite them to join and be the expert.

Facebook has been bringing a lot of new features. Earlier, they introduced Live Audio Rooms as a competitor for Clubhouse.

 The new feature will allow more authentic information to be shared on the platform rather than fake news. Also, the responsibility of the admin and moderator in ensuring that the members of their group abide by Facebook’s rules can now be shared by the ‘Expert’. Facebook has been repeatedly taking measures to restrict toxic conversations and comments on its platform.