DJI Mini SE offers an affordable drone

DJI Mini SE will cost $299.99

DJI Mini SE offers an affordable drone

Even though commercial drones offer a wide variety in terms of prices and sizes, the popular ones are always heavily priced. DJI was working on launching a commercial drone at an affordable price. It might have brought put the best device with its DJI Mini SE, which addresses the situation of heavy price tags too. It also has almost all the features that users look for in a commercial drone. 

Drone designing is not easy as it thinks. There has to be a balance between many things so that the weight of the device won’t bring it down and also not increase the production costs. Also, it has to be above a certain size, so that it won’t become a mere toy. 

The “Standard Edition” drone is only the size of your palm but can take comparatively better photos and videos. The features added to this drone are minimal but it is worth the money. This will be DJI’s most affordable drone. 

The drone houses a 12MP sensor which enables 2.7K HD video recording. It also possesses a set of QuickShot modes which enables the drone to travel in predefined paths. In an ideal situation, the drone can fly for close to 30 minutes. It will have a price tag of $299.99 and is currently available in the US.