Deezer adopts Sony’s 360 reality audio format over Dolby Atmos

It will provide surround sound experience even though there is only one speaker


The 360 by Deezer app has ditched Dolby Atmos for the 360-reality audio format of Sony, enabling them to deliver a surround sound experience even in Chromecast-enabled speakers. Sony’s 360-enabled speakers SRS-RA5000 and RA-3000 will now be supported by Deezer by enabling this new feature.

By getting the latest app, 360 by Deezer, and subscribe to Deezer’s exclusive HiFi tier, you will be able to enjoy a different experience that will not be expected from a single speaker. You will be able to different parts of the songs coming from different sound objects. The effect will be similar to the experience from a virtual auditorium where you hear the music of instruments coming from different sides of the auditorium.

The app by Deezer was launched in 2019 with select soundtracks. The music library is now updated and you will also find 360 playlists on the app’s recommendation page.

The audio format by Sony was already available on the RA-5000 and RA-3000 speakers through Chromecast on Amazon Music and Tidal. With the introduction of it on Deezer, Sony is making its strong ground in streaming services with surround sound technology.