Corning’s Gorilla Glass to protect smartphone cameras too

Samsung will be the first company to provide this coating on smartphone cameras


Gorilla Glass is now used in almost all smartphones to protect the displays. Corning, the company behind Gorilla Glass is now expecting to protect the smartphone cameras too.

Corning has recently announced that their Gorilla Glass DX glass will be used in smartphone cameras. This glass is used in smartwatches. The company claims that DX and DX+ series glasses are better than sapphire with which many companies cover their cameras. It will also reduce reflections and are more scratch-resistant than sapphire ones.

Jaymin Amin, the VP and GM of Corning Gorilla Glass has guaranteed that the Gorilla Glass on smartphone cameras will not only be scratch-resistant, it will also be more durable than the traditional coatings and will provide better optical performances.

Samsung will be the first company to have its cameras coated with Gorilla Glass. The new foldable smartphones which are expected to be announced by the company anytime soon will feature these coating.