Concrete that could charge your EVs while you drive is on test

Concrete slabs will be made of cement with magnetic particles to enable wireless transmission at low cost


The expensive and insufficient technology had put a halt on roads that can charge electric cars and buses. But now researchers are conducting tests on a new type of cement with magnetized particles that could be used to charge EVs in the future. This test is being conducted by Indiana’s Department of Transport (INDOT), as reported by Autoblog

Together with INDOT, the german company Magment and Purdue University with funds from National Science Foundation, the project will be carried out in three phases. The first phase is of course the lab testing. Magment claims that its product has efficiency for wireless transmission at 95%. The product can also be locally manufactured which makes it more suitable. The product will also be on par with normal road construction costs.

In its final phase, the project will attempt to power heavy trucks while moving. If the project becomes successful it would be a pathbreaking solution for many environmental issues. Similar projects are underway in other places too, like UK and Sweden.