BMW releases a modern mini-bike as its next concept EV

BMW has not cleared doubts about the possible production of the concept EV

BMW releases a modern mini-bike as its next concept EV

The Motorrad division of BMW has planned many interesting and future-ready concept vehicles. The CE 04 electric scooter was one among them. The design made people think that the BMW team was inspired by Akira or Ghost in the Shell. Now it has added a new one to the list- the CE 02 modern mini-bike.  

BMW described the vehicle as not a traditional motorcycle or a scooter. The company hopes that it will be liked by young people who never rode a motorcycle before. It will be an all-electric vehicle like the earlier model. 

BMW did not provide the details on battery capacity but it claims that the EV can cover 56 miles on a single charge. The 11kW belt drive will provide the EV a maximum speed of 56 miles per hour. The entire vehicle weighs 264 pounds with the inclusion of 15-inch front and rear disc brake wheels. BMW has not added pedals or footrests as seen in the images shared. This maybe because it is a concept model. But the company has added space for storing a skateboard. 

BMW has not clarified whether it will start manufacturing the CE 02. If it starts manufacturing, then it would be an affordable option under the CE 04 range and might reach the market for $16,000 by 2022.