BlackBerry Mercury QWERTY Android Smartphone Set to Launch on February 25


TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited at the CES 2017 preview event had announced that the new BlackBerry smartphone code named Mercury will be launched at an MWC event. Now in In a tweet the Canadian smartphone maker has finally confirmed the launch date. BlackBerry Mobile official Twitter handle revealed February 25 as the launch date for the upcoming Mercury smartphone. The tweet also had a GIF image showing the upcoming Mercury smartphone.

To recall, BlackBerry was expected to launch final QWERTY smartphone, made by TCL, at CES in Las Vegas earlier this month. The company however changed plans and promised to launch the new Mercury at the MWC show next month. TCL gave a glimpse of BlackBerry Mercury smartphone at the CES 2017, without any real details. The smartphone is being touted as the “last phone designed and engineered in-house by BlackBerry.”

At the sidelines, the new BlackBerry smartphone code named Mercury won’t make it to the Indian market following the license deal in December. However, BlackBerry later stressed that it is looking at more licensing partners to bring the BlackBerry Mercury and future smartphones to the rest of the world. This will mean that there is a possibility that Mercury will be unveiled in India after all, albeit from a different manufacturer.