Audi’s Grandsphere concept EV will feature L-4 autonomy

Many new technologies in this concept car are what Audi plans to develop in the coming years

Audi’s Grandsphere concept EV will feature L-4 autonomy

Audi’s Skysphere concept car was a driver’s car with a limited autonomous option. But with the new model, Audi is taking up the control from the driver to the car. The Grandsphere concept electric vehicle will feature Level 4 self-driving that allows full autonomy in some favourable conditions. It will let the drivers enjoy the luxury whenever possible. 

When the driverless mode is activated, the vehicle will decrease the wheel and pedals to allow the driver to relax. The displays given on the vehicle can sense when autonomy is activated. They are made as projections on wooden surfaces. It allows the user to watch videos or join video meetings. The MMI controls are available while the users are sitting upright, you may use the infotainment system using eye-tracking and gestures while reclining. During your commute, VR glasses in the armrests allow you to immerse yourself in entertainment.

Audi promises significant personalisation that will modify the interior as soon as you walk in, that covers fundamental features like climate control to the media services you most recently utilised. The car will also display the news that the passenger is reading on his/her phone.

It has a “2+2” seater design with a profile similar to a grand tourer. It will have a wheelbase that is longer than the A8 model. The company has given the car a 120kWh battery that offers a 466 miles range. The 800-volt charging for 10 minutes will offer 186 miles of driving. It can be charged from five to eighty percent in just 25 minutes. The acceleration from 0 to 62MPH will take over four seconds. 

Audi is not planning to begin production of either Skysphere or the proposed Urbanshpere anytime soon. These concept cars are more like the illustrations by the company on its vision of future autonomous EV. Many new technologies in this concept car are what Audi plans to build in the coming years. Therefore, we can expect some of those in the future EV cars of Audi.