Android users will soon be able to carry a COVID vaccine card on their android phones


Google announced that all Android users who are vaccinated can carry a COVID vaccine card on their phones. It has updated Android’s built-in passes system to enable a simple and secure way to store digital vaccine and test cards on Android devices. According to Google, all the related data will be secure and safe because it will be stored vaccine information on the user’s Android device itself.

The feature will initially roll out in the US, followed by other countries. Google has allowed healthcare providers and government organizations to create a digital version of a person’s COVID vaccine or test information.

The vaccine card will include information about the vaccine’s name, the lot and dose number, the date you received it, the name of the administering entity, and your future appointment details. You can save your COVID test report also. In that case; the name of the test, the result, the date you received it, and the name of the administering entity also can be stored.

Once users store a digital vaccine card on their Android phones and other devices, they’ll be able to access it through a shortcut on the home screen.

To use the feature, your device needs to run Android 5 or a later version. Google says the card will be accessible even when users are offline or in areas with low internet connectivity.

Google promises it won’t retain a copy of the information and will not share it with third-party services for ad-targeting purposes. However, the company will know how you use your COVID card, such as the number of times you access it and on which days etc.

Source: Androidauthority