Android Gmail app now supports Microsoft Exchange on all devices


Google just announced in its app updates blog that Microsoft Exchange support is coming to the Android Gmail app. Gmail currently allowed Yahoo mail, Outlook and other email service providers through IMAP or POP protocols. Microsoft Exchange was supported by Gmail, but only on Nexus devices. This update announces a gradual roll out over three days to all Android devices using the Gmail app.

Exchange is Microsoft’s business email service. This update allows users to have their personal accounts and business accounts inside one app. The Gmail app also supports syncing of mail, contacts and calendar data with Exchange. To add the Exchange account in Gmail, go to settings, then navigate to Add Account, and choose Exchange from the list of available options. After that, enter the login details and the device should be good to go.

The timing of the announcement is suspiciously close on the heels of both Google, and Microsoft agreeing to drop regulatory complaints against each other. Those using Gmail on Apple devices, will not have the feature.