An enormous 3D cat to catch pedestrian attention in Tokyo (Video)

Ad-space catching attention through a cat


An enormous cat has recently caught the attention of many in one of the buildings in the busy streets of Shinjuku, Tokyo. The cat is a closer-to-life video image embedded in an ad space that is set to be launched soon. The image is meant to test the anamorphic illusion employed which is to be viewed from a particular angle to attain its full effect.

The video of this cat on top of a high building has already stormed the internet and the reactions to this when people first see it there are also available online. According to reports, the cat displays changing moods as the day passes by. It is seen waking up from sleep early in the morning and as time flies it looks at the commuters on the street and meows at them. By the end of the day, it goes back to sleep once again.

Similar display screens were made use earlier too, like the one in South Korea where a huge wave was seen crashing inside a glass tank. With companies like Omdia and Samsung dominating the digital signage market along with LG, the amount of money in this field is growing. It is a sign that similar screens will be seen in more numbers in the coming years.