Amazon Smart TVs coming soon in US

The smart TVs will be available under the AmazonBasics brand

Amazon Smart TVs coming soon in US

Next month, Amazon will launch its own smart TV in the United States. It’s possible that we’ll see an Amazon-branded Fire TV gadget, which has been rumoured for a while. Iit will be available on the Amazon Fire TV platform. The initiative, according to reports, has been in the works for quite some time.

This isn’t the first time Amazon has launched a television of its own. It is, however, a first in the US market. The project was also reportedly delayed due to logistical challenges, according to the leaks. These TVs, as well as other smart TVs that run on Fire TV, will be available under the AmazonBasics brand by October.

According to the leaks, TCL is one of the third-party manufacturers that will produce Fire TVs of the Amazon brand. These TVs will join others sold by Westinghouse and other firms that use the Fire TV software but don’t have the Amazon logo. Amazon’s TVs will be available in sizes ranging from 55 to 75 inches, if the rumour is genuine.

Insiders also claim that Amazon is developing its own smart TV, which might be sold alongside the Fire TV. We’re not sure how this in-house television model will differ from ones developed by third parties. Amazon’s standalone Fire TV boxes, cubes, and sticks will be similar to the Fire TV experience. The leaks make no mention of prices. However, current third-party choices may push the price down to the affordable end.