Amazon Fire TV Cube enables Zoom meetings if you have a webcam

You can ask Alexa to join a meeting on Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon Fire TV Cube enables Zoom meetings if you have a webcam

Now you will be able to make two-way Zoom calls from a second-generation Fire TV Cube. Of course, you will need a webcam and Amazon recommends one with a 60-to 90- degree field of view. Bets experience will be ensured if the webcam can capture video at 1080p. The company also advises that the webcam be placed on top of the TV set and the user should be six to ten feet away from the device. 

A 720p camera that supports USB Video Class can also be used. In this case, you will need to have a Micro USB-to-USB adapter since Fire TV Cube doesn’t support a USB-A port. For using Zoom on the Fire TV Cube, the user needs to download the latest Fire TV Cube update and the Zoom app from the Fire TV Appstore.

After meeting all the requirements, you can easily join a Zoom call by telling Alexa and giving the meeting ID and passcode. If your calendar is linked to Alexa, then it would be easier to join those meetings on your schedule. 

Earlier, Google Meet calls were enabled in Chromecast and other Cast-enabled devices. Amazon is late to join the party but it would be a feature that will be widely used due to the pandemic.