Alphabet launches Intrinsic to make industrial robots more practical

Alphabet's moonshot company aims to make affordable robots even for small businesses


Alphabet is adding one more company to join the line of tech giants. The new company is set to become one of Alphabet’s ambitious robotic projects. Intrinsic, the new firm established by Alphabet is planning to address the accessibility of people and business to industrial robots. Through this, the machines could be easily taught and robotic manufacturing will be possible in more countries. This will also ease small businesses to reduce manual labour by employing automated production.

Intrinsic is aiming to find out new software tools to make the robots easier to use. They also look forward to make the whole process more flexible and affordable. The company uses AI technology including automated perception to make all those goals possible. Intrinsic is led by Wendy Tan-White who has experience in building the software-as-a-service site and also in launching online banking services apart from helping startups such as X as its VP. This technology has still a long way to go. But the development period has witnessed promising results of this technology. With the existing technology, it won’t be easy to build “realistic or affordable” automation as told by Intrinsic.

Intrinsic has more to do before these products are put into use. They are looking for partnerships from car manufacturing and electronics firms that currently use industrial robots. If successfully employed, the technology will help in filling the gaps in production with robotics. The company also sees it as a good alternative in protecting the environment too.

X moonshot companies may not succeed easily as in the case of Rethink Robotics and Loon’s Fate. But Alphabet has more capital than these companies to back Intrinsic up in the initial stages if the sales are low. We have to wait and watch whether Intrinsic could deliver what they promised.