Alibaba’s in-ear device to reduce the risk of heatstroke in Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo Olympics will face huge heatstroke risk due to the hot and humid summer


Tokyo Olympics is just around the corner. With issues regarding the pandemic, the Olympics is already making news. Now the Olympic city is making news with a new device used to reduce the risk of the infamous heat of Tokyo. The weather in the summer in Tokyo is very hot and humid. This will lead to a huge risk in the case of athletes and officials who have no choice but to remain on the ground. To reduce such heat-related risks a new cloud-based solution has been offered by Alibaba which is used to record the body temperature and heart rate of people.

The staff will be given in-ear devices that record their data and environment index, and will in turn be tracked by heat stress meters which will be installed throughout the venues. This data will then be sent to the cloud to analyze the risk posed by the heat to each individual. Those in the high-risk category will be alerted through their phones and will be offered solutions to overcome the risk like drinking more water immediately.

The deaths related to heat in 2020 in Tokyo amounted to more than 200. Therefore, the officials have taken certain measures to face these situations in the Olympic village like the use of Alibaba’s anti-heatstroke technology.