AdBlock and AdBlock Plus extensions now available on Microsoft Edge browser


Microsoft has added the popular AdBlock and AdBlock Plus extensions, which block advertisements on webpages, on its Edge browser on the Windows 10 Insider Preview. These extensions are available on the Windows Store.

Extensions on the Edge browser, were opened up back in March. At the moment only the Insider Preview members will be able to access the AdBlock and AdBlock Plus extensions on Edge browser. Specifically Insider Preview Build 14332. Microsoft hasn’t specified a date as to when these extensions will be available for the regular users as well.

You will need to download the extension from the Windows Store and then activate it for it to start working. You can also get an optional button to show you how many ads have been blocked.

While their names may sound similar, AdBlock is made by BetaFish and AdBlock Plus is made by Eyeo and both are independent products. AdBlock has around 40 million users who use it via the Google Chrome, Safari and Opera browser. AdBlock Plus has around 300 million users and is available on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Android, Yandex and Maxthon browsers.