2022 Genesis GV60 will feature facial recognition

The EV can recognize faces and open or lock doors without the use of a keyfob thanks to facial recognition

2022 Genesis GV60 will feature facial recognition

The upcoming Genesis GV60 EV is expected to include more than just love-it-or-hate-it style, crazy paint colours, and a mystery floating oddity on the centre console. Genesis just announced that its GV60 electric vehicles will be equipped with facial recognition technology when they arrive in the United States.

This cutting-edge new technology is smarter, faster, and more convenient than wristbands or manually entering PIN codes. Genesis said the technology would soon be offered across its whole car portfolio, starting with the 2022 GV60. The EV can recognize faces and open or lock doors without the use of a keyfob thanks to facial recognition. Upon recognizing your face, the vehicle will also apply settings such as sitting position, steering wheel height, and side mirror adjustment.

The system recognizes faces in low-light or foggy circumstances, even in the dead of night, thanks to a special Near-Infrared (NIR) camera. New EVs are competing for supremacy in a booming and highly competitive industry by offering cutting-edge technology. According to appearances, the GV60 will serve as a benchmark for future EVs in terms of innovative, cost-effective technologies.

GV60 drivers can also use a biometric scanner to start the car thanks to a new fingerprint authentication technology. This means you may leave the keyfob in the car, go for a swim, and return to the car using only your face and fingerprint to enter and start it. The technology, according to Genesis, can store two facial profiles. All pertinent data is encrypted and saved, and users have the option to remove their data if they so desire.

You wouldn’t mistake the GV60 for a high-tech vehicle just by looking at it. Nonetheless, it is proving to be a technical hotspot. The Genesis GV60, like the 2019 BMW 530e PHEV, is the first production EV to use wireless inductive charging. The wireless charger can recharge the GV60’s batteries in six hours, which is four hours faster than using a conventional charger.

It also includes a ridiculous Crystal Sphere, but it helps give the GV60’s interior a high-tech flair. Finally, the OTA (Over-the-Air) updates for the GV60 will provide upgrades to vehicle settings such as suspension, brakes, airbags, and steering. Early to mid-2022 will see the arrival of the 2022 GV60 in US showrooms.