WhatsApp to add voicemail, call-back and ZIP file sharing support


Facebook owned WhatsApp has made a deluge of changes to its cross-platform messaging service. Most recently came end-to-end encryption and support for the sharing of documents. With over one billion active users and counting, file transfer seems to be high up on the agenda, and pretty soon, ZIP files could also be a part.  With the VoIP aspect of  WhatsApp now well established, voice calls may also be enhanced by call back and voicemail support.

ZIP files are single archives of multiple files. Not only does a ZIP file condense the mess of several files into one manageable package, but it also helps to reduce the total file size. WhatsApp already supports a number of document extensions, though ZIP support should make life a tad easier for those with lots of files to send.
At a time when instant messaging has largely replaced real time voice calling, the days of sending and receiving voicemail seem long gone. Even though users can already drop a voice note to their WhatsApp contacts on the fly, a forthcoming update will apparently add voicemail functionality. Finally, a call back feature will let users quickly return a missed call without having to open Whatsapp. The option will likely be baked directly into the notification. There’s no word on precisely when these features will arrive, though each should hit Android and iOS devices in a forth coming update.