US government advises Windows clients to uninstall QuickTime as Apple stops support

quicllllllThe Department of Homeland Security has prompted that PC users uninstall Apple’s QuickTime for Windows, after two vulnerabilities were found in its code. Since Apple is no more overhauling the Windows adaptation of the product, the DHS says “the main moderation” is to evacuate the product, or else hazard “loss of classification, trustworthiness, or accessibility of information, and also harm to framework assets or business resources.”

The government’s advice echoes that offered by security firm Trend Micro, whose Zero Day Initiative first noted the two QuickTime for Windows vulnerabilities. The company says it’s not aware of any successful attacks that have used the security holes so far, but says that because Apple will not be issuing any patches to close them, they’ll remain inviting to malicious attacks from here on out.

The US government regularly puts out security alerts about specific software via its Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT), but the warnings are often more open-ended, advising people to use anti-virus software or keep on top of updates. In QuickTime’s case, Apple has been winding up its support for Windows for a long time  the video player wasn’t supported by either Windows 8 or 10, although some users hit upon a workaround.