Top 5 Reasons Why Your Android Keeps Freezing


While Android devices are designed meticulously to provide easy & user-friendly experience these devices are not free from some common smartphone problems as well. Over time, when you use these devices to perform different tasks and store a lot of data, these devices start performing abnormally and show symptoms of device lags and freezing. If you are facing such issues on your device then we suggest you go through this guide to understand and fix the reasons of freezing on your Android device.

Running on Old software: If you tend to neglect update notifications that you receive from your device manufacturer on regular intervals then there are high possibilities you will encounter a situation like freezing & crashes on your device. While these updates are meant to provide you bug fixes, security patches and other improved features, neglecting them will seriously affect your device performance negatively. Thus, to avoid performance issues on your device we suggest you to instantly download all such updates that you receive from your device manufacturer at regular intervals. In addition to that, you can also check for updates manually by heading to Settings > System > Software Update. This simple trick will help you deal with the freezing problem effortlessly.

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Avoiding Updates for the Apps: Next possible reason behind Android freezing problem could be avoiding updates for apps. As you get regular updates for device software, in the same manner, your app developers also release regular updates for their apps. Here, with each app update, you get additional features, bug fixes and security features to keep your device running well. Here, app update becomes crucial if you are facing a freezing problem when running an old version of any specific app as it is possible that old version of the app is not supporting your device software. Thus, we suggest you update all apps on your device to fix freezing problem. To update the app from Google Play Store, go to the Play Store on your device and select My Apps & Games from the menu. Here, look for all updates and install them instantly.

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Inadequate RAM: If you find your device is showing symptoms of freezing or lags especially when doing some intense task on your device like playing high-end games or running resource hungry apps then it is possible that your device RAM is not supporting these tasks. If you use your device to make & receive calls, do chats on IM apps, check emails and for such small tasks then even 1 or 2 GB RAM will be sufficient. But if love to play intense games or run resource hungry apps on your device then we suggest you have at least 4GB or above RAM device for you. It may cost you a little bit, but it will be a permanent solution to freezing and lag problem. It is advised to do detailed research before you actually buy any device for multitasking.

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Space Clogging: When you have a lot of apps & data stored on your device unnecessarily, it will definitely backfire with the symptoms of device freezing and lags. It may even crash your device randomly. While this unnecessary data accumulates on your device over time in different forms like cache files, temporary files, duplicate files and others, it becomes important to find and clean all such data instantly. Here, you can perform a manual cleaning of your device where you need to look into every folder and file of your device to find and clean unnecessary data. While manual process not only consumes a lot of time it doesn’t even provide accurate results. Thus, we suggest you use Android cleaning apps for instant and effective results. Here, these smart cleaning solutions work on advanced algorithms to find and clean unnecessary data even from the remotest corners of your device. You can use these efficient tools to recover valuable device space and boost your device performance significantly.

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Background Services: Lot of apps & services on your device keeps on running in the background to send you continuous updates. Here, these apps & services not only occupy precious device resources, but it may even cause issues like device lags & freezing. If you find you keep on receiving notifications & updates from a different apps whole day long unnecessarily then we suggest you look for all such apps and turn off the notifications. You can even block these apps running in the background to save device resources. This simple trick will also help you deal with device freezing problem effortlessly. To stop notifications on your device, go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Notifications. Here, turn off the notification for all those apps that you don’t want to send notifications to you. Further, you can also make the necessary changes in device settings to turn off background services. This simple trick will not only block annoying notifications, but it will also help you deal with the device freezing problem effectively.

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Conclusion: While there are numerous reasons that affect your device performance negatively here we have discussed some common reasons that cause issues like device freezing. If you know more such reasons and solutions to that then feel free to comment below.

Metadata: Some of the most common reasons that cause a freezing issue on your Android device include over occupied device storage, outdated apps & software, background services etc. Let’s discuss some of these reasons and their solutions in detail.

Contributor – Yogesh Sharma