This Plant Pot Could Help Charge Your Smartphone


Over the years we have come across several unique ways of charging one’s smartphone, but if you are looking to do your bit for the environment, you might be interested in an Indiegogo project for a plant pot called the Bioo Lite, with the goal behind the plant pot being that it will be able to charge your phone while housing a plant at the same time.

You’ll be able to charge a smartphone three times per day and don’t just leave your phone plugged in there all the time. You can use any type of plant in the pot, although leafy green plants will work a lot better.

The pot itself is really what makes the magic happen. The pot contains a storage chamber for a bed of micro organisms. These micro organisms will produce electrons, but in order to produce that reaction, they need water  and also they need the photosynthetic substances that the plant roots will automatically generate. The micro organisms  activity down below won’t be harming the plant in any way. So long as you water this pot enough to keep both the plant and the micro organisms well-fed, and so long as you give the plant sunlight so it can perform photosynthesis, you’ll have an eternal battery.

The Bioo Lite costs $112, the company’s Indiegogo page also goes on to say that the company hopes to implement this technology on a larger scale in the future, such as “for businesses and large agriculture surfaces.”