This new coating smartphones could prevent the spread of deadly bacteria


Bacterial infection is one of the most common causes of deaths across the world. A report has pegged that by 2050, these infections could kill more than 10 million people yearly. This is extremely concerning for the global population. However, there might be some hope after all thanks to researchers at Institute of Technology Sligo (IT Sligo), Ireland.

The scientists here have devised a new transparent coating based on nanotechnology, which can be applied on most commonly used surfaces like ATMs, hospitals, wall tiles and even smartphone screens to avoid spreading of bacteria. This solution prevents the growth and kills the germs responsible for the spread of deadly diseases.

This coating will be available in liquid form and will simply have to be sprayed onto the surface. Once sprayed, it will have to be baked and merged with the surface, thus forming a new, hardened protective layer. It can be used on ceramic, glass or metallic surfaces, which covers practically everything we see around us. The coating stays permanently.

One of the researchers, Suresh C Pillai, said “It is absolutely wonderful to finally be at this stage. This breakthrough will change the whole fight against superbugs. It can effectively control the spread of bacteria. Every single person has a sea of bacteria on their hands. The mobile phone is the most contaminated personal item that we can have. Bacteria grows on the phone and can live there for up to five months.”