The new Live Photo feature on iOS 9.3

live_ photo

With the release of  iOS 9.3, your device is receiving an update that brings security improvements and new features.

There’s the addition of Night Shift, a feature that makes viewing your device at night easier on your eyes and brain. Then there’s the ability to password protect private notes in Apple’s Notes app.

Another new feature unearthed in the upcoming update is the ability to create a high-resolution photo from a Live Photo.

Live Photos were introduced in September alongside the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Essentially, when a user takes a photo, the  iPhone will record a small video clip both before and after the shutter button was pressed. The end result is a photo that comes to life, so to speak, when viewed.

Until now, in order to save just the still image from the photo, you had to disable the live photo portion. Meaning, you had to pick either it’s a live photo or a still photo.