YouTube cracks down on duplicative content

13/10/2018 0

If you’re a YouTube Partner uploading someone else’s work, beware. YouTube is checking in on you and might revoke your Partner privileges. In a post on the company’s official help forum, YouTube announced that it’s doubling […]

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YouTube Adds 360 Degree Live Streaming, Spatial Audio

19/04/2016 0

YouTube Monday announced support for 360-degree live streaming and spatial audio for on demand videos. Chief product officer Neal Mohan made the announcement in a blog post, saying that it debuted the technology at the Coachella music festival this […]

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Google to shut down Orkut on September 30

01/07/2014 0

Google has announced that it is shutting down its very first social networking site Orkut on September 30. The current users can export their profile data, community posts and photos using Google Takeout. Starting today, […]

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Yahoo reportedly planning YouTube competitor

29/03/2014 0

Yahoo is reportedly working on a YouTube competitor. According to Recode, Yahoo is working on a plan to lure away prominent YouTube stars and networks. There has been complaints that both video creators and owners […]