LG Display’s 88-inch 8K OLED

08/01/2019 0

Earlier at CES 2019, LG revealed a rolling OLED TV that will come to actual stores in 2019. It’s amazing, but will sound a little familiar to some readers, because it’s pretty much what we […]


Smartphones could someday assess brain injuries

07/09/2017 0

Researchers at the University of Washington are developing a simple way to assess potential concussions and other brain injuries with just a smartphone. The team has developed an app called PupilScreen that uses video and […]

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Dubai is building climate-controlled city

09/07/2014 0

Dubai is busy with its latest project to astonish the people around the world. The project named “Mall of the World,” will be the world’s first temperature-controlled city. Dubai has harsh desert climate and the […]

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Emojli is a social network of only emoji

02/07/2014 0

Are you fond of emoji? Emoji and social network are strongly bonded and here comes a social network where there is only emoji. Emojli is a social network where there is “no words, no spam, […]