YouTube cracks down on duplicative content

13/10/2018 0

If you’re a YouTube Partner uploading someone else’s work, beware. YouTube is checking in on you and might revoke your Partner privileges. In a post on the company’s official help forum, YouTube announced that it’s doubling […]


Google India Launches New AdWords Features

12/10/2017 0

Google India on Thursday launched new AdWords features that will load pages 20 percent faster to provide instant information. “With the new AdWords, there is less clutter and more intuitive workflows, allowing advertisers to now […]


Google Tez App Hits 5 Million Downloads

11/10/2017 0

Google’s digital payment app – Tez – which was launched in India on September 18, has been downloaded five million times from Google Play. Within 24 hours of Tez being launched, Google saw nearly 1.8 crore […]