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Google Now cards get offline support

04/05/2014 0

Google has brought in offline support to its Now info cards. So next time you go through a subway tunnel, you don’t have to worry about losing important directions or your parking place. Your Google […]

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You can find your car with Google Now

03/05/2014 0

Step 1: Make sure you have the right version You’ll need version 3.4 of the Google Search app (at least) in order to kick-star the parking location feature. To see which version you have, open […]

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Google Now gets Parking Location card

01/05/2014 0

Google Now has been updated with Parking Location card. This new card allows users to automatically detect the parking location. It lists the address of the place where you left your car, along with a […]

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BlackBerry branded Siri in making shows leaks

25/03/2014 0

Microsoft is working on digital assistant for its mobile platform, now guess who is latest one to try their hands in this space, yes its BlackBerry. This interesting revelation comes from a leaked test-build of […]