Sony Xperia C6 Device may have 6 inch display and front facing flash

Sony's new Xperia Z4 smartphones are displayed at the company headquarters in Tokyo

The Sony Xperia C series of smartphones are known as “selfie-centric” phones with great front cameras and front-facing flash. We might get a new 6-inch Sony Xperia phone with a front-facing flash very soon.

Just like the Xperia C6 Ultra, which was launched in 2015, this model has a 6 inch full HD display. There is no information on whether this model will run Android Lollipop or the new Android Marshmallow. This phone is going to come with a dual SIM support, and a Media Tek chipset will power this new model. A micro USB port will be used instead of the USB type C port, an LED flash will be featured on the front camera.

On its back side, a photo snapper and an LED flash can be seen, there is no specific details of this rear camera, but it is expected that it might come with the same sensor of the Xperia C6 which is 13 megapixels.