Samsung Galaxy Devices Get Exclusive Weather Channel App


It’s not uncommon for companies to partner up and collaborate with other brands to create something unique and exclusive for a specific group of consumers. Samsung, a leader in the smartphone market and in the Android device market in general, has partnered up with The Weather Channel to offer an exclusive app to owners of the most recent Samsung Galaxy devices. This unique app experience as designed and launched as part o the Made for Samsung program which was set up to help Samsung offer products in partnership with other leading brands exclusively to owners of their latest devices.

To download the app, users will need to own a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, or Galaxy Note 5 smartphone. The app will only be available from the Samsung Galaxy Apps service, so users will need to enter the Galaxy Apps store to grab it and install it on their compatible device. In addition to the latest Galaxy smartphones Samsung and The Weather Channel plan to launch the app on other platforms and devices as well, including Smart TVs, tablets, and the Gear S2 smartwatch, although neither company has listed any sort of time frame for when those other versions would hit their respective outlets.

The Weather Channel app for Samsung will have unique features that can’t be found in other versions of The Weather Channel app, made to take advantage of Samsung’s devices specifically. This includes features like a “Smart Weather Wakeup” alarm clock that adapts to the weather and triggers earlier when the weather may affect the user causing them to potentially need more time to get ready. There will also be floating shortcuts included which allow users access to integral features of the app quickly, like hourly or daily forecasts and local video. There will be a series of backgrounds for those who like to customize their phones that will change based on current weather conditions too, and lastly, there will be alerts that cater specifically to those with the edge devices that will inform users of upcoming weather changes such as real-time rain, severe weather alerts, and breaking news, with more alert types like forecast alerts and pollen alerts on the way.