Reebok presents Digital Foot Map innovation in India



Reebok has presented Digital Foot Map innovation in India. The company says that the innovation is propelled by computerized human impression maps, and adjusts with the foot in movement. This guarantees most extreme solace and adaptability. The innovation is accessible with the Reebok ZPrint Run and ZPrint Train shoes, which are estimated Rs. 7,999.

Spearheading the idea of 3-D foot filter building, this new innovation interprets into ideal reaction and padding. The free hubs in key zones upgrade the running and preparing knowledge with ideal versatility, hyper adaptability and responsiveness. Additionally, the new innovation offers a 360 degree edge which underpins the autonomous hubs and makes for a sturdier run and more steady instructional course.The stability, cushioning and versatility helps the FitGen consumers conquer their run with speed and agility while the nano web technology and training specific engineered outsole promises an unmatched training session.