OneDrive gets bigger thumbnails and video posting to Facebook


Microsoft has updated OneDrive with five new features, four for its web app and one for its Android app. The OneDrive web app now has bigger thumbnails for your photos and videos. The app also gets videos to the All Photos view, which makes it easier to find and watch your videos. The video playback is also claimed to get improvement with support for more browsers and mobile phones.

OneDrive automatically creates rotating covers for your folders to show you what’s inside. Apart from this, now you can set a cover photo for a folder by selecting the image you want, clicking Manage, and then selecting “Add as cover.” OneDrive already allows you to publish photos to Facebook and this update brings the same ability for videos as well. Both are natively published, which means that your friends can see as well as comment, like and tag the content directly on Facebook without having to navigate to OneDrive.

The last change to the Web is in regards to collections. OneDrive lets you share individual files in a folder as a group, but now it has gained the ability to add more items after you’ve already shared the original folder. Just go to your Shared view, right click on the group that you want to modify, and select Add.

Finally, the Android app has received a set of new features for Android 4.0+. The new features include:

  • Share files and folders by inviting people, sending a link, or sending files to another app.
  • Update View and Edit sharing preferences.
  • Select multiple files to download.
  • Move files and folders.
  • Sort files and folders.

SOURCE: The OneDrive Blog

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