New Samsung App Chides Kids For Holding Phones Too Close To Their Eyes


Back in the day, we used to get scolded by our parents for sitting too close to the TV as it could prove to be harmful to the eyes. Kids these days have the tendency to get a little too close for comfort with their smartphones and tablets, parents have to constantly remind them about maintaining a reasonable distance between their face and their devices, but Samsung thinks that this job can be done by an app so it has come out with one that chides kids for holding their phones too close to their eyes.

Samsung has released the Safety Screen app for Android devices today. It’s primarily aimed at kids but since the app doesn’t see age, it’s going to function in the same manner if a 60 year old gets in too close to their smartphone.

The app relies on facial recognition to ascertain if the device is too close to the user’s face. If it feels that it is, an animation pops up on the display reminding users that they’re holding the device too close, the animation disappears automatically once the device is moved to a safer distance.

Safety Screen is available as a free download from the Google Play Store. Parents can activate it using a code so that their kids can’t disable or uninstall the app.