Google acquires Divide to push Android to enterprise customers


Google has acquired Divide, a mobile app that is capable of separating personal and work-related data on devices. The terms of the deal has not been disclosed. Divide has confirmed the deal on its site app and said that the app will work as always for existing customers. This means that the app is not going to shut down for the time being.

Google could use its technology to make Android more attractive to enterprise customers. The next version of Android is reportedly going to have new business-specific features and this acquisition in a way supports that rumor. This sort of push for Android was led by Google senior vice-president Sundar Pichai, to take up the roles of collapsing BlackBerry and give a competition to Samsung and Apple similar offerings. In its website, Divide says that:

“The company was founded with a simple mission: Give people the best mobile experience at work. As part of the Android team, we’re excited to continue developing solutions that our users love.”

SOURCE: Divide

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