Facebook Messenger Launches Group Calling Feature


Facebook already allows users to make calls to individual users, but what if you’re trying to organize some kind of conference call. The good news is that according to a recent post by Facebook’s David Marcus, it looks like the company has decided to roll out a group calling feature for Messenger users.

This appears to apply to both the iOS and Android versions of the app, so don’t worry about it arriving on one platform before the other. Users who miss out on a call can easily join in by tapping the phone icon, similar to how Skype calls work. Note that there are some limitations in the sense that you can’t create a group call for your entire Facebook friends network.

According to Facebook who clarified the limitations, the limit on group calls is 50. That’s a pretty huge number and it seems unlikely that many of us would be making such calls, but either way it is there if you need it. This will also require users to have the latest version of the app, so update if you haven’t done so already.