Seagate planning to make a 16TB hard drive!

28/01/2017 Kumar 0

The company revealed its plans during an earnings conference, saying that it intends to aggressively increase the sizes of its traditional mechanical 3.5-inch SATA disk drives in 2018 and beyond. That means a 16TB drive […]


Kespry announces new enhanced performance Drone 2

28/01/2017 Kumar 0

Kespry, the aerial intelligence platform provider, announced, it has enhanced the Kespry Drone 2 with higher performance features that deliver significantly greater accuracy and reliability. Kespry Drone 2 to better address a wide range of […]


SkyPixel Chooses the Best Drone Images of 2016

28/01/2017 Kumar 1

SkyPixel, the world’s most popular aerial photography community in collaboration with DJI, has concluded a two-month global competition by selecting a series of beautiful and breathtaking aerial images as the top drone photographs of 2016. […]


Samsung’s Exynos chips to power Audi infotainment

18/01/2017 Kumar 0

Samsung Electronics’ Exynos processors will power the infotainment systems in Audi’s next generation automobiles, the South Korean tech giant announced. The company said that beginning with the supply deal, it will be expanding into the […]