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VLC now available for Windows 8

13/03/2014 Kumar 0

One of the most popular media player, VLC, has been released on the Windows Store for Windows 8. The app is still in beta mode and can be downloaded for free. For now, certain bugs […]

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Rovio teases new Angry Birds game

10/03/2014 Seena Ajith 0

After making an announcement of the upcoming Angry Birds Stella, Rovio has released a teaser for new game in the series, on the developer Rovio Mobile’s official YouTube channel. Looking at the teaser video, the […]

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Yahoo Maps gets indoor navigation

07/03/2014 Seena Ajith 0

Yahoo has released indoor navigation in its Maps for select venues around the globe, such as shopping malls, train stations, airports and sports stadiums. This means that you can now locate restrooms, ATMs and other […]

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Facebook news feed gets a redesign

07/03/2014 Seena Ajith 0

Facebook has redesigned the look of its news feed. The changes include Helvetica font for Macs and Arial for PCs. You can also find a new card layout and the left-hand column, previously cluttered with […]