Apple Watch apps are about to change in a big way


It’s been nearly exactly a year since the Apple Watch was first released, and watch OS 2 made its debut in September of 2015. The new move by Apple is aimed at making the Apple Watch a more independent device than when it was first unveiled to the world. At the beginning, the Apple Watch saw very few developers showing their interest in developing apps for the smartwatch. Other software support for HealthKit, which is Apple’s biometric data repository, was also put in the features giving the user ability to perform functions such as reading accelerometer data and also writing workout data which could be sent back to the Activity app. Apple has not said how many Apple Watches it has sold.

In a post published on its website on Friday, tech giant Apple has announced an upcoming requirement for developers who want to submit new watch OS titles to the App Store. From that date on, new watch OS apps submitted to the app store must be native apps built using watch OS 2 SDK or later. Starting June 1, 2016, users of Apple Watch will be treated to apps that no longer experience slow load times, something that is usually associated with the transferring of data between the host iPhone and the Watch.