Apple just released a new MacBook, here’s everything that’s changed

macbook (1)

Apple just couple of days back  introduced a new lineup of 12-inch MacBook models. The 12-inch MacBook was first unveiled last March. Here’s everything that’s been updated in the new 12-inch MacBooks:

  •  Updated Intel Core M processors
  •  New Intel graphics chip that offers up to 25% faster graphics performance
  •  Faster flash storage
  • Faster RAM for multitasking
  • One additional hour of battery life
  •  A new color: rose gold

Despite these updates, there is no  significant difference in the performances of this year’s and last year’s 12-inch MacBook. All of the updates are pretty minor; you’d be hard pressed to tell any difference at all if you used these laptops side by side.

The biggest thing you will notice from these new MacBooks, however, will be the additional hour of battery life and the new color. Last year’s MacBook offered about 9-10 hours of battery life; getting an extra 10% on top of that is a nice bonus for mobile users. Also, if you like the color pink, now you can get that pink MacBook of your dreams.

If you were waiting to buy the 12-inch MacBook, now’s a good time to get one. As far as Macs go, I personally prefer the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro, but there’s a ton of other great, gorgeous laptops out there worth buying.