Lenovo Z5 Officially Confirmed to Debut on June 5

29/05/2018 0

The Lenovo Z5 smartphone is expected to take center stage at next-week’s show, officially confirmed today by VP Cheng Chang (via PlayfulDroid). The following launch poster confirms that the unveil event will begin at 2 PM […]


Adobe to acquire Magento Commerce for $1.68 billion

23/05/2018 0

Adobe on Monday announced it plans to acquire Magento Commerce for $1.68 billion. Going forward the e-commerce platform will be a part of Adobe’s Digital Experience business, rounding out its customer experience tools, which already […]


Qualcomm launches Snapdragon 710 platform in mobile AI

24/05/2018 0

Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon 710 mobile platform, designed to push high-tier smartphones into the world of artificial intelligence (AI). The US chipmaker said on Thursday that the Snapdragon 710 “is designed with highly efficient […]